Another Successful Structured Cabling Install

Structured Cabling InstallationDFW Business Telephones, Inc. has successfully completed yet another professional structured cabling install for the month.  Our structured cabling installs are consistently neat and orderly as the attached photographs illustrate.  DFW technicians pay attention to detail,  like labeling all cables and outlets with precision and accuracy to ensure ease of use.  Inaccurately labeled cables and outlets can cause confusion, and then a simple task, like making a port live,  can turn into a frustrating, time consuming and costly chore.

Not having an orderly structured cabling system costs your business money.  Tracking down the end points of your cabling is a preventable waste of time for you IT staff. With proper labeling in place, the time spent to connect a new device or IP phone is cut down to a matter of minutes.

Structured Cabling Installation - Properly Labelled OutletsOur structured cabling systems can be  implemented for VoIP environments  to accommodate the need for  physically separate LANs  at the installation site, as was the case with this install. This enables the Voice over IP desk phones to have their own network, free from the clutter of data traffic, thus insuring call quality at all times.

All of our structured cabling installations are tested with the latest testing equipment to insure a trouble free transition to your new structured cabling system. This includes testing for actual data connectivity, not just wiring continuity. By taking the time up front to perform this additional step, we prevent you, the customer, the headaches of troubleshooting a wiring malfunction come move in day. One less thing to worry about! Our highly skilled, professional technician’s sole purpose is to make your structured cabling system as hassle free as humanly possible!

Call DFW Business Telephones, Inc. today to see how we can implement a worry free structured cabling system for your organization, you’ll be glad you did, we guarantee it!