How do I program the speed dial buttons on my DSX telephone?

The personal speed dial buttons on the NEC DSX 22B Display Telephone and the DSX 34B Display Telephone are the ten buttons located directly below the display. The first of these buttons corresponds to speed dial bin 701 and the last speed dial 710. Once a speed dial number has been stored in a bin you can dial that number by simply pressing the corresponding button.


  1. Press the softkey under Menu
  2. Press the softkey under Spd
  3. Press one of the ten speed dial buttons that you want to program
  4. Press the HOLD button
  5. Dial 90 at the Line/Group/Intercom: Prompt (this will automatically select a line by inserting a 9)
  6. Press the HOLD button
  7. Enter the telephone number to store
  8. Press the HOLD button TWICE
  9. Enter the name for the speed dial number (this is used for directory dialing)
  10. Press the HOLD button
  11. Press the next speed dial button or Speaker to exit

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