Digium SwitchVox

Digium SwitchVox is an award winning line of business telephone systems that give you a feature set that until now, was only available to large corporate entities. Digium SwitchVox

Leveraging the power of Voice over IP technology, Digium SwitchVox seamlessly integrates your desktop PC, mobile device, and desktop phone into an amazing user experience. Know who’s calling, where they are calling from, which employees are available to take the call, all right from your web browser. With call queueing and customizable call routing, the sky is the limit. Please take a moment to view the video presentation put together by Digium below, it explains some of the features that make Digium SwitchVox so unique and powerful.

Digium SwitchVox supports multiple brands of desktop phones, such as Snom, Polycom, and the new Digium SIP Phones. Also supported are most Digium Analog as well as Digital telephony cards, some of the features supported by Digium SwitchVox are:

  • Extension to Extension calling
  • Traditional (Analog) Trunks
  • Digital (T1/PRI) Trunks
  • SIP/IAX2 Trunks
  • Voicemail with Voicemail to Email
  • Paging and Intercom
  • Call Recording
  • Remote Workers/Extensions
  • Site to Site Trunking via the internet (VoIP)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) via Digium SwitchVox Switchboard
  • CTI via an Advanced Programmer Interface (API)
  • Call Detail Reports (CDR, SMDR in the traditional telephony world)
  • Drag and drop transfers (via Switchboard)
  • Silent Call Monitoring
  • Barge-In
  • And much, much more!

Digium SwitchVox is truly a turn-key solution to bring your organization’s communications infrastructure into the 21st century. Based on the Asterisk telephony engine created by Mark Spencer in 1999, Digium SwitchVox is robust and reliable, with thousands of installations in use. Switchboard comes standard with every system, with all of that information at your team’s fingertips on every call, your organization will function more efficiently, and as such, will be more productive.

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