Samsung OfficeServ

Samsung OfficeServDFW Business Telephones, Inc. sells and services the Samsung OfficeServ line of business telephone systems. The Samsung OfficeServ line supports offices of 4 to 400+ with ease. The feature set is one of the most complete you will find anywhere, including support for Digital, Analog, as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) desktop phones.

The interoffice connectivity features of the Samsung OfficeServ make this a perfect platform for businesses with multiple locations. Users can dial extension to extension, regardless of if the stations are located within the same physical building or across the globe.

Samsung OfficeServ IP Business TelephoneSamsung OfficeServ is capable of utilizing cost saving SIP trunks. This new technology replaces your existing copper telephone lines, carrying your voice calls over your internet connection.  For remote offices with only one or two desktop telephones, there is no longer the need to supply a complete business telephone system, simply provide a broadband internet connection, and place remote phones at the location. The cost savings can be substantial using this method. You would no longer have to provide multiple lines to each and every office.

Samsung OfficeServ SoftphoneThe computer telephony integration options offered by the Samsung OfficeServ system can bring your organization’s productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. For example, the Samsung OfficeServ Softphone can be utilized by sales reps on the road, right from their laptop. There is no need to carry a hardware based IP telephone with them everywhere they go. Simply logon to a wifi hotspot, start up the softphone application, and all the features of a Samsung OfficeServ desktop phone are at their fingertips. Check voicemail, call clients or colleagues, or any other function available in the office, with no difference in the user experience!

Let DFW Business Telephones, Inc. show you just how beneficial a Samsung OfficeServ business telephone system can be to your organization today!